Many software enthusiasts (or “geeks” as they’re usually referred to) like to stay on the bleeding edge of technology, and I’m no exception. Where it doesn’t inconvenience me too much I run the latest released (and sometimes unreleased in the case of Windows 10) builds of different software. Microsoft have been building up to releasing Windows 10 for Phones, which I must confess I was looking forward to. It was rumoured for February for quite some time, so has been very anticipated, and the “press” response to the release is absolutely disgraceful.

Let’s just take a step back for a second, and state what this is. This is a free upgrade to the OS for the vast majority of Windows Phone devices. It’s at least (in my opinion) 12 months away from being released in final form, and Microsoft are trying really hard to get it into a usable state so that people can try it. Because of this, they’ve “only” managed to release it on 6 different handset models and 18 (!!!) languages. Needless to say they’re getting royally torn apart by the “society of entitlement” that seems ripe amongst geeks.

Speaking as a software developer, writing software is easy. Writing software that works, however, is a different matter. These guys have released a preview build of an entire operating system, that is un-installable if you don’t like it and has not bricked a phone yet. Yeah they’ve only done it for 6 models, but that’s 6 models now with more to come later rather than all of them later.

To anyone bitching and whining that your phone isn’t supported: Grow Up! My phone isn’t supported and I’m going to enjoy reading the positive reviews that supported model-owners write about this while I wait for it to be released for my phone. I fully support them shipping it on the easier models first while they work out the kinks with the harder ones.

Great job team!