Last week I was fortunate enough to be exhibiting our freshly released Checkmybooks at Accountex to a warm and receptive crowd. Standing in front of an 8ft tall print out (Go SVGs!) of the most useful screen of our product definitely made my week. As our founder himself is a chartered accountant, we’ve always known that the product is useful and fills a very real purpose, and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to be able to see what people thought of it in person.

It was exciting to be able to demonstrate what we’ve been hard at work on for the past few years, and to see the looks on people’s faces as they worked out how much time it would save them for every client they had. It was very interesting to see how many of the accountants we talked with not only understood but had first-hand experience of the three main problems that we’re solving with Checkmybooks:

  • The pain of retrieving backups of accounting files from clients
  • Spending time looking through the accounts for mis-postings
  • Making sure that any adjustments they make get passed back to the client and entered in correctly.

What was even more valuable for us though, was the feedback we were getting as we were talking with accountants. The majority of the recommendations (we’re pleased to say) were already on our to-do list, but there were a handful of suggestions that we’d not thought of that are going to make their way into Checkmybooks. This is the first of many milestones for Checkmybooks, as we’re going to continuously evolve and improve the application, and this past week has reinforced that we’re heading in the right direction.